Common Forms for Members

Personal Day Request

Personal days are subject to school and district-wide restrictions per day.  Requesting high-demand days in advanced improves your chances of using your personal days as you wish.

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Professional Day Request

Leave for professional development can be granted for if you are a presenter at a meeting or conference, if you are acting as a board member or representative of an educational organization, if you are attending a meeting of a DESE committee on which you’ve been asked to serve, or if the professional development is directly related to a district initiative.

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Salary Increment

Salary increments are based on Graduate Degrees and approved course Credits. Turn this form in to the business office with attached official transcripts.  Credit reviews must be requested before October 1 each school year, and pay is retroactive to the start of the school year once approved.

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Course/Degree Approval

Before taking a class or degree through a program outside the district, you need to request approval. Courses not pre-approval may not be counted toward salary increment.

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Flexible Spending Accounts

Many Revere teaches use Cafeteria Plan Advisors ( to save money on health expenses and child care expenses.  Re-enrollment forms must be filed every year to continue pre-tax payroll deductions.  Look for enrollment information from the Superintendent each fall.

These forms are required to file a reimbursement claim from CPA. 2015 Medical FSAs will not require claim forms, and instead provide a debit card at the beginning of the plan year.

Dependent Care Claim Form