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Right to Representation

Your Weingarten Rights

An employee in a unionized workplace who is called into a meeting with his or her employer that may lead to disciplinary action is entitled to union representation upon request. Because the law does not specifically require a supervisor to inform employees of this right at or before such a meeting, the employee must state that he or she wants a union representative present. Once the request is made, the meeting must terminate until a representative is present. Faculty and staff cannot lawfully be disciplined for invoking this or any other union right.

Read more on Weingarten and other rights via the MTA Division of Legal Services.

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Stand Out with Winthrop


Thursday September 22

the Winthrop Teachers Association is holding a

No on 2 – Stand Out on the Bridge


3:00 to 5:00

Saratoga & Main

This is an excellent opportunity to raise the visibility of the campaign to Keep the Cap & educate yourself on the reasons that public school educators and school committees across the state are supporting the Save Our Public Schools campaign.

Come for all two hours or whatever part you can.  Bring friends and family, your knowledge of the issue and your questions!

Bylaws Updates

Proposed Bylaw Amendments – 2016

This is a summary of the changes to the Bylaws proposed for adoption by the General Membership at the June General association meeting.

Amendment 1 – Remove Corresponding Secretary Position

Add “Shall keep a list of officers, building representatives, and members of committees,” to the Recording Secretary’s duties.
Add “Shall keep a list of all active members and update membership with affiliate organizations in a timely fashion,” to Financial Secretary’s duties.

Amendment 2 – Add School Committee Rep to Executive Board

The School Committee Representative shall attend all School Committee Meetings, prepare a written report for members of the Executive Board, and present a summary of the events that took place at the School Committee meetings at Executive Board Meetings.

Amendment 3 – Add New Teacher Rep to Executive Board

The New Teacher Representative shall organize social events for new teachers; keep an updated list of all new teachers to the school district and their membership in the RTA; keep new teachers updated in issues pertaining to events happening in their schools, around the school system, facing the Executive Board, and the RTA; pass along information to new teachers from the MTA, NEA, and RTA.

Amendment 4 – Add Communications Chair to Executive Board

The Communications Chair shall maintain the association website, social media accounts, and newsletter.

Amendment 5 – Removal of Negligent Board Members

By a two-third (2/3) majority vote of the Executive Board, an office can be declared vacant due to a board member being incapacitated or found grossly negligent in his/her duties as defined by these Bylaws.

Amendment 6 – Building Rep Duties and Elections

Add “Shall organize voluntary meetings for all teachers in your building to discuss the contract and other pertinent information as well as distribute any written materials,” to duties.
Add section: “Election of Building Representatives: Elections for Building Representatives will be held in each building no less frequently than every two (2) years.”

Amendment 7 – Remove Legislative Committee

Delete full section regarding Legislative Standing Committee

Amendment 8 – Grievance Committee

Make the grievance committee a standing committee with the following duties:
1. The Grievance Committee shall field all inquiries, questions, violations as they relate to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
2. Assist members in processing and presenting grievances beyond Level One as defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
3. Make recommendations to the Executive Board if grievances reach the Arbitration stage.

Amendment 9 – Election of Officers

Replace current procedure with the following:
A. Prior to February first of an election year, the President shall appoint a Nominations and Elections Committee of members of the Executive Board not seeking elected office.
B. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall select a Chairperson, prepare nomination papers, and make all necessary arrangements for conducting an election including: seeking candidates for Executive Board Officers, confirming Nomination papers have no fewer than fifty (50) signatures, publishing names and information about candidates, running a secret election in buildings, and counting ballots.
C. Election of Officers shall be held during the third (3rd) week in May and shall be conducted by secret ballot in each building.
D. The names of the candidates for elective office together with information about each candidate shall be published and distributed to members no later than one week preceding the date of the election.
E. All ballots will be counted the same day as the election in an open forum. Any RTA member in good standing may observe the counting of the ballots.
F. To be elected, a candidate must receive a majority of the votes cast.
G. All officers shall be elected for a term of two (2) years.

Amendment 10 – General Election Procedures

In the event no candidate(s) receives a majority vote, a second election shall be conducted between/among the top vote getters. The ballot for the second election shall contain the names equal to the available positions plus one.
In the event that the number of candidates equals the number of positions available, the candidates shall be declared elected and no election shall be conducted.
In all instances of voting, members who vote shall be considered present and voting. All abstentions from voting shall be considered neutral.

Amendment 11 – Board Member Stipends

Add as a new Article:
Members of the Executive Board who attend at least 75% of all Executive Board, General Membership, and Special meetings will be paid the following honorarium.
RTA Position Annual Stipend
President $3,000
1st Vice President $1,500
2nd Vice President $1,500
Recording Secretary $1,000
Financial Secretary $1,000
Treasurer $1,000
School Committee Representative $750
New Teacher Representative $750
Communications Chair $750
Building Representatives (24) $750
Professional Negotiating Team (5-9) $1,000

Amendment 12 – Clarifications and Updates

Delete Article VIII – Order of Business
In Article V – Meetings, specify the Recording Secretary as able to call a meeting at the request of the membership.
In Article III – General Membership, correct “Constitution and Bylaws” to simply “Bylaws”

RTA Elections


Biannual Election of Officers

The following announcements from the Elections Committee pertain to any members interested in running for office within RTA.

2016 Election Notice

2016 Election Protocol


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