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Right to Representation

Your Weingarten Rights

An employee in a unionized workplace who is called into a meeting with his or her employer that may lead to disciplinary action is entitled to union representation upon request. Because the law does not specifically require a supervisor to inform employees of this right at or before such a meeting, the employee must state that he or she wants a union representative present. Once the request is made, the meeting must terminate until a representative is present. Faculty and staff cannot lawfully be disciplined for invoking this or any other union right.

Read more on Weingarten and other rights via the MTA Division of Legal Services.

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Flexible Spending Accounts

Enrollment in 2016 Flexible Spending Accounts is now open until November 30.

Flexible Spending Accounts are a way to set aside money for medical or dependent care expenses before taxes, making your money go farther. It is a great way to save money on predictable expenses.

Last year Cafeteria Plan Advisors, who administer FSAs for Revere, introduced Debit Card claims, making using your account even more convenient than reimbursement.

Once you enroll, your pre-tax pay is reduced each week for calendar year 2016, and you receive a debit card with a value equal to the full plan amount, usable any time after January 1.

Setting aside a $1000 FSA will put a $19.25 weekly deduction on your paycheck, but will only reduce your take-home pay by ~$13.50, saving you about $300 over the course of the year. Money left in the FSA at the end of the plan year is lost, but vendors like make it easy to spend down the last of your plan amount.

2016 Enrollment Information Memo

FSA Debit Card Brochure

2016 Enrollment Form (for first time enrollment)

CPA Account Management Site (for re-enrollment)

Fall General Meeting


Revere Teachers Association

Fall General Meeting


Thursday October 22, 2015

Social Hour at 3:30.  Meeting starts at 4:45.  Dinner from 5:30 to 7:30.



Route 1 South in Lynnfield

GPS: 10 Newbury St. – Peabody – 01960


Building Reps need a final count by October 6.


Member Benefits

Here is a quick overview of many of the benefits available to Revere teachers.  Some through the collective bargaining agreement, others from MTA and NEA membership. Experienced members with information to add about these programs should contact Erik or the webmaster.

New teachers, keep these on your radar as you begin to settle in.  Welcome!

Health Insurance

Revere offers both Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) health plans. HMO plans are less expensive, but PPO plans provide more options for service providers. Plans may be changed each spring during an open enrollment period, with the new coverage effective July 1. The weekly costs listed here are based on last spring’s open enrollment announcement.


Two HMO plans are available – Harvard Pilgrim and Network Blue. Costs for these plans are split between the city and the member 80/20, with a weekly payroll deduction.
Network Blue – Individual: $33.23, Family: $87.69
Harvard – Individual: $30.14, Family: $79.94


The PPO plan is Blue Choice. Weekly costs are shared 75/25.
Blue Choice – Individual: $54.23, Family: $146.77


Dental insurance is also available at 20% premium to members.
Dental Blue – Individual: $4.62, Family: $10.85

Flexible Spending Accounts

Also called Cafeteria Plans, FSAs are a method of setting aside pre-tax income to pay for medical or dependent care expenses (as two separate accounts). Plans last for a calendar year. Look for sign up information late in the fall.



All teachers are required to participate in the Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System (MTRS). This is a defined benefit (pension) plan, which requires 11% contributions, and pays based on a retiree’s age and years of service. The MTA office in Lynnfield holds regular informational sessions about retirement benefits.

403(b) Individual Retirement Account

Analogous to the 401(k), the 403(b) for public school teachers allows for pre-tax contributions through a list of providers who service the school district. This can be set up at any point during the school year by contacting one of Revere’s providers. That list is available from the business office and here (last updated September 2014).

Earned Leave

Sick Days

Sick leave is accumulated throughout the course of the year. 1.5 days are awarded at the end of each month from September to June. After using sick leave more than 5 times during a school year, you may be asked to explain further incidents. Up to 6 days per year may be used to care for immediate family members – otherwise, sick leave is meant to be used only when you are unable to work due to personal illness.

Personal Leave

Teachers are allowed two Personal Days each year. There is a limit on the number of teachers granted leave on any particular day; so, it is best to request days early, especially if they will be popular requests. Personal days accumulate as sick leave year-to-year, not as free personal leave.

Revere Municipal Employees Credit Union

The Revere credit union offers no fee checking and savings accounts and competitive loan rates. It is easy to set up a weekly deduction into a credit union share (savings account) which many members choose to do as a way to accumulate savings. There are branches of the credit union at City Hall and Revere High School.

MTA Benefits

MTA members are entitled to a wide range of discounts and benefit programs. Browse to get an idea of the wide variety of options available. A 15% discount on wireless service from Sprint and T-Mobile are among the many other offers.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance pays a portion of your salary when you are unable to work for an extended period of time. Short term disability pays after 30 days of lost wages, long term disability pays after 180 days. Short term disability can sometimes defray lost wages for maternity leaves.

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